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10 years cosmetic packaging industrial experience,dedicated to being competitive supplier for sustainable packaging designing and manufacturing


If you are looking for sustainable knitwer supplier with rich experience and high quality sustainable knit materials, QY is your best choice.

Environmentally raw materialRecycled materials mechanically recovered

High-Performance Carding machineMaximum effective produce carding area, with the best quality of recycled raw materials.

Combing machineMaximum use of carding area enabled by artificial intelligence

Draw FrameHighest productivity using minimal space,maximum machine effciency, optimized for processing recycled fibersm low energy consumption.

About Us

Qinyun socks factory is the premier performance og high fashion sock manufacturer in China. We are a vertically integrated facility and we specialize in high performance athletic goods,dress,compresslon and outdoor socks.We are dedicated to creating the prefect blend performance style and construction.

We have over 10 years of experience and we pride ourselves in top level customer service, innovation and providing quality products at competitive prices.