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Automatic Bale Opener


With a line production of up to 2 400 kg/h, the UNIfloc A 12 is extremely economical. The machine concept is based on a rugged full shell design, torque controlled direct drives and a unique scanning force measurement of the take-off unit.

The fiber tufts are taken off uniformly by a patented take-off roller system, opened into so-called microtufts and thereby optimally prepared for the subsequent blowroom process. Energy costs can be reduced by feeding braking power back into the electricity network.


With 2 400 kg/h line production, the UNIfloc A 12 supplies cards reliably. The patented force measurement for scanning the bale laydown allows the required high productivity rate to be obtained from the very beginning, even with a new bale group. Energy is saved by both the future-orientated direct drive concept and the backward feeding of braking power into the electricity network.


Bale opening into microtufts allows the subsequent blowroom process to clean and extract dust efficiently. The scanning force measurement on the take-off unit results in a uniform take-off of the bale laydown.

Thanks to the patented wobble-disk take-off roller, gentle and continuous tuft extraction is ensured. The microtufts allow an extremely homogeneous blend from the start of the process.


Thanks to an operating unit with direct menu navigation and a visual display of inputs and operating states, the A 12 is intuitive to operate.

The UNIfloc A 12 can process up to three different assortments. The settings of the A 12 are automatically adjusted to the specific material by the blowroom control UNIcontrol.