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Card C 77


The card C 77 is the ideal entry into Rieter technology. With its proven 1.5-meter carding technology, it offers high production. The exceptionally low energy consumption ensures economical production. 32 active flats are the basis for an excellent card sliver quality.

Precise flat guidance and the unique Q-Packages with selective trash removal enable high raw-material utilization. With the optional Integrated Grinding System (IGS), sliver quality remains constantly at a high level and prolongs the service life of the clothing.


The large active carding area and the optimized pre- and post-carding zones guarantee high production with excellent results in all applications. 

The C 77 has exceptionally low energy consumption thanks to a combination of its compact construction, optimized waste air evacuation system and energy-efficient drives. 

With the selective trash removal solution Q-Packages in the pre- and post-carding zone and the optional available flat clothing HYPERTOP, high fiber yield is achieved.


32 active flats, the precise carding gap as well as the integrated Q-packages in the pre- and post-carding zone allow to meet strict quality requirements. 

The Integrated Grinding System (IGS) sharpens the clothing automatically with lasting effect. This prolongs the service life of the clothing and ensures a consistently high sliver quality.

Sophisticated feeding technology ensures constant batt weight and uniform web formation. The result is flawless machine operation and uniform card sliver of superior quality.


Adjustable licker-in knives, variable insert elements in the pre- and post-carding zones and electronically adjustable speed drives allow quick adaptions to raw materials.

The modular construction allows easy maintenance and thus keeps a high machine availability.

Due to flexible feeding of two card lines, it is possible to easily switch certain cards from one assortment to another.